Hawkeye Nation

While I received a lot of feedback about not having an Iowa State collage, I received an equal amount or more from Hawkeye fans. But as I always tell folks, if I don’t know what to photograph, it’s unlikely that I’ll make the trip!

I received a very long list from an Iowa City resident who attended U of I which was very helpful and prompted me to make the trip. I was a little surprised by how disproportionate the number of campus buildings to the number of taverns in downtown Iowa City was, but once I got there and saw how close they were to campus, I understood. I was incredibly thankful that after a long day of taking photos one of my last stops on the list was John’s Grocery. While it wasn’t the best subject for a night photo, my partner and I decided we’d stop in to grab something to bring back to the hotel. What an amazing experience! I was lucky enough to be on the campus for Kids Day at Kinnick Stadium so I was able to photograph Herky as he was taking pictures with fans. Look for a taverns of Iowa City collage sometime before the holidays in 2013!

Photos in the Collage

- Main Library

- Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

- Field House

- Schaeffer Hall

- John’s Grocery

- Danforth Chapel

- Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories

- The Union Bar

- Bo James

- Pomerantz Center

- MacBride Hall

- University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

- Joe’s Place

- Englert Theater

- Iowa River

- Brothers

- Jessup Hall

- The Airliner

- Herky

- Old Capitol

- Carver-Hawkeye Arena

- T. Anne Cleary Walkway

- Cambus

- Kinnick Stadium

- Iowa Memorial Union

- MacLean Hall

- Sports Column