Collage Portfolio

Go Bulldogs

After the weather finally agreed with me on an October day in 2010, I was able to get up to Duluth to photograph UMD. It was completely different than I expected and difficult to photograph because the buildings are all connected and most are only marked with the standard U of M placard with the […]

Um! Yah! Yah!

With the popularity of the college series of the collages, St. Olaf was a highly requested school. Having only driven past Northfield and never gone through the city, I was pleasantly surprised by what a charming and picturesque city it is. The campus was lit up with beautiful foliage color and I couldn’t have asked […]

Always an Auggie

I kept waiting on photographing the campus because I couldn’t find anyone who went there that could suggest what buildings I should photograph. I had no idea the campus was so small and that I could get most of what I needed from the school website! Luckily the snow held off and I went out […]

Katie Pride

Having grown up in Saint Paul, I’ve driven past the gates of St. Catherine’s on Cleveland and Randolph numerous times but had never gone inside. When I asked people what I should take photos of, one of the most noted items was the gardens. After walking through the campus for just a few minutes, I […]


After attending the U for 4 years and running through all the red tape, doing a U of M collage was last on my list. I had so many requests for it, though, I just had to give it a go. I am really pleased with the way it turned out and had a hard […]

Proud to be a Piper

I’ve lived in Saint Paul all my life, and actually grew up not far from the Hamline campus yet ha never walked or driven through it. The architecture is gorgeous as well as the landscaping. I had one mission (besides photographing the campus) while I was there: find the eagles. I remember the eagles outside […]