Collage Portfolio

1600 Grand Avenue

The more I photograph college campuses, the more I appreciate the community a campus creates. Macalester is a small campus bordered by a very busy street. It was designed so well that when I was walking through the campus, I didn’t realize that; the noise seemed to disappear. A beautiful campus with a rich history, […]

Forever Tommies

After finishing the U of M collage, I had several requests for a St. Thomas piece. While I knew St. Thomas has beautiful campuses and would be a great candidate for a collage, I had no idea what to photograph. Luckily I have a great friend who is an alumna and offered to act as […]

Down on Bourbon Street

This is my first collage outside of the Midwest since I visited Las Vegas in 2006. I had a few requests for New Orleans and having never been there, I thought it was a destination that would make an excellent collage subject. While it’s not necessarily my cup of tea, it’s a great location to […]


Having a really long list of things to photograph in New Orleans, I chose to break up the photos into 2 collages; Bourbon Street and this one, which I simply call NOLA. I had such a difficult time choosing what to include between tourist locations and local hangouts that I almost included everything that I […]

The Golden Gate City

Having been to San Francisco once before, I had an idea of what I wanted to photograph for this collage but didn’t know for sure how much I wanted to cover. Much like New Orleans, San Francisco has different neighborhoods and each neighborhood has its own unique personality. There’s no way it will all fit […]

The Birthplace of Minnesota

Picturesque and historic, Stillwater is one of the most charming cities in Minnesota. I wanted to reflect the essence of the city in a collage that would do just what the city has done, combined new and old in a unique and beautiful way. Using a postcard ca. 1911 courtesy of the Minnesota Historical society […]