Collage Portfolio

Down on Bourbon Street

This is my first collage outside of the Midwest since I visited Las Vegas in 2006. I had a few requests for New Orleans and having never been there, I thought it was a destination that would make an excellent collage subject. While it’s not necessarily my cup of tea, it’s a great location to […]


Having a really long list of things to photograph in New Orleans, I chose to break up the photos into 2 collages; Bourbon Street and this one, which I simply call NOLA. I had such a difficult time choosing what to include between tourist locations and local hangouts that I almost included everything that I […]

The Golden Gate City

Having been to San Francisco once before, I had an idea of what I wanted to photograph for this collage but didn’t know for sure how much I wanted to cover. Much like New Orleans, San Francisco has different neighborhoods and each neighborhood has its own unique personality. There’s no way it will all fit […]

Sweet Home Chicago

This collage can be summed up in one word: FINALLY! After taking a few photographs in 2007, the time and the weather just never cooperated for a return back to get the rest I needed to complete the collage. The opportunity to go came in 2009 and while the weather didn’t cooperate during the day, […]

Viva Las Vegas

In August of 2006 I took my first road trip. Most of the stops before Las Vegas were to beautiful landscapes like Colorado and the Grand Canyon. Upon arriving to Las Vegas my senses were immediately overloaded and couldn’t believe how amazing the city was. It was definitely overwhelming but entertaining.

The Crossroads of the World

I was excited to make this trip as the last time I had been to New York was in 1996. What I particularly love about how this collage turned out is that if you look closely, it’s perfectly stamped in time. In the upper left on the New Amsterdam Theater is a clock that says […]