Collage Portfolio

Bennies are Best

I heard the campuses of St. Ben’s and St. John’s were beautiful in the fall so I waited until the leaves turned to head up to take photos. I really enjoyed the landscaping and green space at St. Ben’s and found it to be such a tranquil place to wander. It was great seeing some […]

Fighting Johnnies

After waiting all September for the leaves to change, I finally got a beautiful day in October of 2011 to make the trip up to Collegeville. I first stopped in St. Joseph to take photos of St. Ben’s and after 3 hours made the short drive to St. John’s. Unlike St. Ben’s, St. John’s doesn’t […]

On the Hill

While most college collages I title using a part of the rouser or include the athletic team name in some way, I thought this campus was so special in its geography that I’d highlight it in the title. When I get a lot of requests for a campus it usually means that there’s something unique […]

Home of the Fighting Sioux

Admittedly UND wasn’t really on my radar as a college I needed to capture until my friend told me that by the end of 2011 they would be eliminating the Fighting Sioux nickname. Since I know that this would be a part of history and could forever change the campus, I made it a point […]

Badger Country

I was amazed by the number of requests I received to do a collage of this campus, and after making the trip I understand why. It’s a beautiful city (and campus) and I hope I’ve captured that. I had a gorgeous day to take photographs (which is why there’s so much blue in the collage) […]

Go Bulldogs

After the weather finally agreed with me on an October day in 2010, I was able to get up to Duluth to photograph UMD. It was completely different than I expected and difficult to photograph because the buildings are all connected and most are only marked with the standard U of M placard with the […]