Collage Portfolio

Nightlife in Minneapolis

I really didn’t like the way this collage turned out at first, but it grew on me because of how different it was from the original six in the series and now it’s one of my favorites. I thought it would be interesting not only to put a lot of local hangouts in one collage, […]

Welcome to Northeast

As promised, the follow up to Nordeast Nocturne. I spent an entire year searching for the perfect backdrop to this piece and finally found a gorgeous antique map, courtesy of Althea Wilette, who sells maps of Minnesota and other locales. I had a wonderful time learning about the history of the area, especially the incredible […]

A Tale of Two Cities

I tried to juxtapose the Twin Cities in this collage. The background is the Mississippi River with the cities on their respective sides. As best I could, I matched the cities’ landmarks. For example, Mickey’s and Murray’s, Como Park and Lake Harriet, the Cathedral and the Basilica, etc. Some are just in there for their […]

Nordeast Nocturne

New for 2006, this piece was a long time coming. A lot of people suggested that I do a piece of Nordeast, but I struggled with what to include. I realize that there are very strong opinions about borders and what constitutes Northeast, but I wanted to include as much as I could so even […]

Greetings from Minneapolis

I never want to leave out my Minneapolis customers, so in 2005 I created the partner to Greetings from Saint Paul, Greetings from Minneapolis. I thought I might have trouble finding vintage postcards of Minneapolis but actually found more than I needed. I found a lot of postcards of bridges as well as postcards of […]

Uptown Nights

I’ve always loved Uptown, but never knew how to combine it into a collage. I spent about 3 nights in Uptown walking around, taking it in and taking photos (along with having coffee at the Uptown Diner and buying too many CDs at Cheapo). The whole area is so unique and vibrant, so it was […]