Collage Portfolio

The Harbor Village

Having attended the Grand Marais Arts Festival twice and visited the city a few times, Grand Marais always struck me as a magnificent gem along Highway 61. With a strong arts community and the most gorgeous harbor view, it’s a wonderful place to relax along the North Shore.Photos in the Collage- ¬†Blue Water Cafe- Dockside […]

The Birthplace of Minnesota

Picturesque and historic, Stillwater is one of the most charming cities in Minnesota. I wanted to reflect the essence of the city in a collage that would do just what the city has done, combined new and old in a unique and beautiful way. Using a postcard ca. 1911 courtesy of the Minnesota Historical society […]

Driving Along the North Shore

Another new collage for 2004. This had been in the works for awhile, but I just never got the chance to make the drive. The background of the collage is a bluff in Split Rock State Park and I layered on top of it what I consider to be some of the favorite spots and […]

The Big Lake

When I started this collage, I had no idea Lake Minnetonka was as huge as it is! I wasn’t sure what I was going to use as the background until I stumbled upon a map of Lake Minnetonka at Leipold’s in Excelsior. Like the Welcome to Northeast collage, using a map provided the perfect character […]

Greetings from Minnesota

A new addition in 2007. I’ve always liked the idea of collaging together different aspects of the state, and I enjoy the postcard collages very much, so I decided to approach this one the same way. I loved the hand-drawn character of the postcard I chose as the background, and I’ve always liked the postcards […]

The Legend of Fire and Ice

New in 2004 and dedicated to the best part of winter, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. It was hard deciding what to put into the college since there are so many activities going on during the Carnival, so I put in some of the more recognizable ones. This was the first year I attended almost […]