Collage Portfolio

Another Late Nite

I’ve gotten quite a few chuckles at the title “Saint Paul Late Nite” as people say “what late night?”. While Saint Paul is lacking the flashy nightlife of Minneapolis, there were still quite a few places in Saint Paul that I missed in the previous version and there are a few more places that I […]

Saint Paul Late Nite

A newer addition to the series and already one of my favorites. I liked Nightlife in Minneapolis so much I just had to add this one for my side of town, Saint Paul. I love all the different shapes of the signage, like the fish from Tavern on Grand and the onion from Wild Onion. […]

A Celebration of Saint Paul

This collage started the whole series. I love Saint Paul and all the history there and I wanted to capture that in something that everyone from Saint Paul (and maybe some of those from Minneapolis) could enjoy. The background is downtown Saint Paul from Mounds Park with 21 landmarks layered on top.

Greetings from Saint Paul

My favorite new collage in 2004. This collage difference from the other in the city series because it’s not of photographs but of vintage postcards. It also differs in the paper it’s printed on. I wanted to mimic the linen of the postcards and found a textured paper that does that pretty well. I’ve always […]

Lowertown, Saint Paul

For loving Saint Paul as much as I do, you wouldn’t know it by looking at my portfolio. With only 3 collages that are dedicated to Saint Paul, I felt 2013 was the time to bring my focus back to my hometown. Lowertown is truly a gem within downtown Saint Paul. Being a historic district […]